Aeronautical Engineering

Marco Del Dotto was born in Lucca in 1972. He began to take interest in scientific subjects and the world of flying as a young child. Following in the footsteps of his uncle, he built model airplanes and in his youth he approached the discipline of remote controlled aircrafts. When he was 14, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession, enrolling in “Aeronautical Constructions” course at “Leonardo da Vinci” High School, in Pisa. He consolidated his studies at the Faculty of Engineering at University of Pisa, specializing in “Flight Technologies”. He focused his interests on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV/S) and had the opportunity for the first time to put into practice his knowledge during his thesis, when he planned, built and piloted a small UAV with “Vertical Take Off and Landing” (VTOL) capabilities, also aided by the passion for remote control model airplanes that gave him extensive experience in this field and a great practicality. He graduated as Aeronautical Engineer, discussing a dissertation entitled “Design and construction of a semi-automatic controlled mini UAV for environmental monitoring”.

After graduating, he continued his research activities in the field of UAVs at the former Department of Aerospace Engineering (now “Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering) of Univerity of Pisa, with various collaborations and technical consultancies as a designer, builder and a remote pilot of small UAVs. These include design and construction of the wing surfaces of a “PrandtlPlane” configuration demonstrator scale model, transformation into UAV of a commercial remote control rotary wing model, the theoretical and experimental studies for development of unconventional aeromechanical light UAVs configurations, followed by the construction of the relative new demonstrator prototype, with VTOL capability, and by the relative flight operation tests, still in progress.

Alongside these main activities, he makes other parallel activities: collaboration as thesis tutor for the Aerospace Engineers graduating students, a thermographic survey experience and the design, starting from an existing base, of an instrument for the inertia tensor experimental measurement of small UAVs; this instrument now available in the Department for Educational use.

Marco has a passion for landscape and means of transportation photography, travels and remote control models.