Sentient Blue Technologies

A different kind of aerospace engineering company


About Sentient Blue

Sentient Blue Technologies S.r.l. or Sentient Blue ® for short is an aerospace engineering company founded in Parma, Italy in November 2017. Our primary activity is the development of efficient, more environmentally friendly micro gas turbine based power plants for use in radio-controlled aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. The engines we have under development can also be adapted and be used in combined power and heating systems (CPH).

We are also involved in some novel UAV designs that will harness the capability of our engines to deliver UAV performance that is currently not possible with current technology. These UAVs are being developed for civilian missions such as search and rescue, environmental protection, parcel delivery and medical missions and disaster relief.

The technology in microturbines has not evolved much since Gerry Jackman and Kurt Schreckling independently developed them in the early ninety-eighties. Their efforts and success with microturbines mirrored the efforts and success of Sir Frank Whittle and Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain on ‘full size’ jet engines in the 1930s.

In the meantime, advances have been made in gas turbines used in aviation to the point where the performance and efficiency has delivered turboprops and high bypass turbofans that have facilitated aircraft designs and capability that would not have been thought possible fifty years ago.

One of Sentient Blue’s goals is to introduce advanced development tools and a rigorous, scientific approach used by companies such as General Electric and Pratt and Whitney on large gas turbines used in aviation to push the capability of microturbine design and optimise the Brayton Cycle at this significantly reduced scale seen in microturbines.

We will employ the latest in computer aided design (CAD) as well as over seventy-five years total experience in disciplines such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element structural analysis (FEA). We believe that our designs will deliver a quantum leap in microturbine performance and help to revolutionise the UAV industry. One result will be a family of UAVs that capable of carrying our missions that are currently not possible due to limits in performance.

We are confident in our ability to meet and conquer the technical challenges involved because of the pedigree of our team, which has over seventy-five collective years of experience working for companies such as Rolls-Royce, Airbus and BAE Systems.


The Name and Logo

The name Sentient Blue has its roots in Star Trek and environmental awareness. Sentient Blue Technologies founder, Saïf-Deen Akanni is an avid fan of the science fiction series Star Trek, having watched it since he was a child. In one series in particular, Star Trek – The Next Generation, there is often the mention of ‘sentient beings’. Saïf takes this to mean, ‘a life form that exhibits intelligence, self-awareness, and is capable of interacting with its environment. By virtue of possessing these attributes such a life form is deserving of inalienable rights, such as self-determination, and respect and the right of co-existence.

By this definition, and despite our many efforts to prove the contrary, human beings are sentient.

Around 2008 when Saïf first came up with the idea of having a company called ‘Sentient’, there was a great deal of activity dedicated to the restoration, protection and preservation of the earth’s environment. This effort was often communicated using slogans such as, “Go green”, “Embrace the green revolution” and “Love forever green”.
This was all fine as it was the fairly obvious, intelligent and sentient thing to do but Saïf wanted to send a message about the air and the water, which while encapsulated in the green movement, were not explicitly mentioned in the more popular slogans. So we are blue, Sentient Blue.

The Sentient Blue logo below is an abstraction of a humpback whale swimming with her newborn calf. The humpback whale or Megaptera Novaeangliae is a marine mammal belonging to the parvorder of Baleen Whales (Mysticteti) and part of the diverse clade called Cetaceans.

A fully-grown adult can reach a length of 16 metres. According to Wikipedia humpback whales can reach a weight of 36 tonnes. It saddens to think of how we came by this statistic as this magnificent animal was hunted to near extinction until a moratorium was put in place in 1966.

The humpback whale is recognisable by its long graceful, pectoral fins, which afford it an extremely high degree of agility for an animal of its size.
Humpback wales are also renowned for breaching the surface of the water, which makes them extremely popular with whale watchers.
Saïf is big admirer of all Cetaceans but the humpback whale holds a special place for him because he finds it to be an extremely graceful, and fluid dynamically efficient creature.

On first viewing, quite a few people think that the logo is an abstraction of a bird with her chick. We don’t contest this interpretation as the abstraction was taken to the point where such an interpretation would become a regular occurrence. After all, the air and water are often perceived to be blue.

The Sentient Blue logo is meant to convey a sentient creature that has evolved into a graceful, fluid dynamically elegant form that interacts in a deterministic, symbiotic, and sustainable manner with its environment.

As a company, we aim to create products that allow our customers to enjoy the planet while we are here and offer assistance to those in need while leaving the smallest possible environmental impact.

The Sentient Blue logo is a registered trademark in Italy, the European Union, The United States of America and China.