Sentient Blue Announces Long-Term Supply Agreement for Motor-Generator Units for its 8.5-Kilowatt Hybrid Power System.


Sentient Blue Technologies, a hybrid microturbine design and manufacturing company with offices in Parma, Italy and Syracuse, New York, is one step closer to delivering the first of its hybrid microturbine units to launch customers. On Monday, 6th January 2019, Sentient Blue entered into a purchase agreement with Nema Ltd, located in Rochdale, United Kingdom, for custom motor generator units (MGU), one component of Sentient Blue’s hybrid power system. The MGU is one of the first of the microturbine components to be manufactured and comes after many months of dedicated design work by the Nema team.

CEO Dr. Saïf-Deen Akanni stated, “We partnered with Nema Ltd. because they have a unique skill set in developing cutting edge electric motor technologies that demonstrate the highest efficiencies we require. They are also able to seamlessly deliver high rates of production. This purchase agreement is a pivotal step in the development of our product and Sentient Blue, and we are pleased to have the support and ingenuity of the NEMA team. We look forward a continued partnership as we develop as a company.”

Sentient Blue will unveil the first of the 8.5-kilowatt units to our launch customers in the first quarter of 2020.


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