Sentient Blue, a start-up hybrid turbine company based in Syracuse, NY and Parma, Italy, became a member of Upstate Capital Association of New York in early October 2019. Upstate Capital, a non-profit corporation, connects investors, lenders, advisors, and start-ups to develop business in the state. Through this membership, Sentient Blue will attend events around New York where it will pitch its innovative technology to investors. Being a part of Upstate Capital will further Sentient Blue’s mission to continue rapid growth in Central New York. In response to Sentient Blue’s membership, Noa Simons, Executive Director at Upstate Capital, stated, “We are glad to have Sentient Blue in our membership, and we welcome them into our network of other rising startups, support organizations, professional advisors and capital providers.”

Sentient Blue manufactures a hybrid turbine for use in unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones. These turbines will increase flight time from about thirty minutes up to two hours. Sentient Blue will continue testing of the prototype in October 2019 and will deliver the first products to customers in approximately February 2020.

On November 6th, Sentient Blue will be attending Upstate Capital’s 2019 New York Green Innovation Showcase at the New York Academy of Sciences in New York City.

For further information, please contact Marc Lindemann, Head of Business Operations, at (315) 744-5396 or at