Sentient Blue, a start-up company based in Syracuse, NY and Parma, Italy, was recently selected to participate in the Nextcorps and Rev: Hardware Scaleup Program. This program selects start-ups from around Upstate New York to assist the start-ups in the production of manufacturing roadmaps for scaling their prototypes into easily mass-produced units. The scale-up program encourages energy technology development and economic growth in New York State.

Sentient Blue has created a hybrid turbine for use in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) commonly known as drones. These turbines will increase UAV flight time from a common thirty-minutes or less using Lithium Ion Batteries to two hours or more. The power systems can also be used in nautical applications and small land based mobile applications.  Sentient Blue will begin manufacturing its systems in Upstate New York by the end of  the fourth quarter of 2019 and will deliver the first test-prototypes to customers in December.

Through its participation in the Hardware Scaleup program, Sentient Blue reaffirms its mission to create products more environmentally efficient than the currently available alternative and to stimulate the Upstate economy through local presence and production.

For further information, please contact Sentient Blue Head of Business Operations Marc Lindemann at (315) 744-5396 or